DELTA A.C.M. is a privately owned company with over 20 years of experience in the construction and engineering field, being oriented towards developing large projects for its public and private clients. Our company ensures personalized and completely integrated solutions of construction works management, providing competences covering the beneficiaries’ complex requirements.


DELTA A.C.M. is dedicated to fully understanding and satisfying customer demands and delivering projects that respect the highest standards of quality, considering the complexity of challenges during the works development.

Our company works closely with its beneficiaries and strategic partners, in order to offer optimized solutions covering all phases of a project, respecting the deadlines, the budget, the quality and sustainability requirements.

Our goal is to develop a long-term relation with both our beneficiaries and strategic partners, based on mutual respect, business ethics and trust.


Our organizational culture is based on our motivation to attain excellent results in the construction field, no matter the challenges that come across, by always respecting our integrity and fairness principles.

Fulfilling our commitments towards society implies delivering projects with a positive impact on communities, relying on our expert team and on the long-term partnerships with our collaborators. 


 Sustainability is as an important aspect of good practice in business, therefore our company is concerned to identify and implement new solutions to protect the environment, while maintaining high quality standards. This is the reason why the company aims to frequently use technologies with a positive impact on the environment.

  Also, DELTA A.C.M. wishes that the results of its activity have a good impact both on our company development and on the communities hosting our projects. We wish to have an important contribution in building a better future for us, our clients and employees, as well as for the civil society, which represents the final beneficiary of our activities, achieving sustainable projects that support the economic development and the rise of living standards.


We bring together staff with vast experience in the construction field, the best quality materials and performant equipment, in order to offer integrated and optimized solutions and achieve the objectives relating to our projects compliance. The value brought to beneficiaries and communities where we conduct our activities represents an essential aspect for our company’s reputation.


For DELTA A.C.M., human resources represent one of the most important elements that its activity it`s based on. The company focuses on employees development, integrating experts in the construction domain, as well as young people with potential.

Through educational initiatives we promote the team’s continuous improvement, create synergies at group level, and also, we identify new solutions to sustain the company`s effort to deliver value to its clients and communities, adapting permanently to social development and the construction market.  

Key figures 2015

106,1 mil euro
3,4 mil euro
≈ 750

Company history

 DELTA A.C.M. is a private company founded in 1993, that, in its over 20 years of activity, has developed in close relationship with Romania’s social-economic evolution, constantly adapting to changes and trends imposed by construction market.

 Being pioneers in the construction industry  during Romania’s transition period, allowed us to be more receptive on changes and adapt to the current needs of the communities, without compromising the visionary spirit. This vision directed us towards adopting new technologies and diversification into many areas of the construction industry. These developments have facilitated further involvement both in national infrastructure or civil engineering and major projects with European financing, to which we gained access after joining the European Union.

 Our company vision was, from the beginning, to head towards high quality complex works and bring value in the modernization process of our society, for which we have integrated various services and a wide range of activities forming the value chain of a project.

Today, DELTA A.C.M. has numerous production facilities and can provide a vast range of services related to the execution of construction works, constantly relying on a professional team with expertise in managing construction projects.

 Thus, based on the experience gained in over 20 years of activity in the construction industry, DELTA A.C.M. has developed the necessary skills in offering integrated solutions to its clients.