DELTA A.C.M. is concerned with building roads for the next generations, roads that meet the transportation needs of the future, the users’demands and the social requirements. We have a clear vision of the future roads: they must be of high quality, help reduce noise, water and air pollution, they should require a low level of maintenance, increase road safety and facilitate the movement of traffic.


 DELTA A.C.M. demonstrated its competence by building bridges and various works of art, that excel in terms of complexity and requirements imposed by the beneficiaries. We managed to find the best and most ingenious solutions to cross riverbeds, to solve difficult access or to meet certain sensitive environment issues. Employees’ professionalism and the use of advanced techniques have allowed the company to approach construction works of increasingly complicated levels and have generated the success of contracted projects.


Over time, DELTA A.C.M. has developed complex civil construction projects exploiting efficient technologies that ensure the achievement of a high quality final product, adapted to the impact area in terms of preserving resources and protecting the environment. Our company’s projects are focused on creating landmarks that lead to a harmonious and sustainable development of the communities in which we intervene. The experience of DELTA A.C.M. in civil engineering includes building and rehabilitation residential buildings, offices and parkings (underground and multi-storey), the construction and rehabilitation of hospitals, the construction of recreational centers.

water and sewerage

 The utility works represent a special segment in DELTA A.C.M’s activities’ portfolio. These projects target the extension of water and sewerage networks, the modernization of infrastructure systems, the construction of wastewater treatment plants, the execution of pumping tools or specialized design services.


Through landscaping, DELTA A.C.M. contributes to the development of cities and the growth of their social and economic value. Constructing a park in close proximity to a community increases the value of that property and generates attractivity for the business community.

For our company, park constructions represent an exercise of imagination, professionalism and social responsibility. By the submitted projects and the materials used for designing and furnishing parks, our company is consistent in its philosophy of environmental protection.