DELTA A.C.M. owns seven production facilities dedicated to supporting ongoing works. At this moment, they are considered to be among the most modern in the world, since the configurations provided by manufacturers are special ones. The fixed production capacities are vertical, they allow aggregates’ drying, concrete preparation with warm water and can work simultaneously with multiple types of additives. The units produce all types of concrete and the resulting products are certified.

Following the company's environmental policies, aiming at sustainable development, we include electrostatic precipitator ash in concrete mix, which helps reduce the amount of waste stored by thermal power plants, with a positive impact on the environment.


 The on-site work time reduction, the high quality, the precision and efficiency are attributes that recommend precast concrete elements.

Since the diversity of construction projects has led to an increasing use of precast products, DELTA A.C.M. developed two modern factories for developing such elements. The company produces the following types of precast concrete: concrete components for construction (columns, stairs, beams, balconies, railings, sandwich walls), facades (perforated sandwich, architectural concrete), bridges constructions (beams, parapets), infrastructure constructions (walls absorbents, skimmers traffic), urban works (sewer manholes, drainage holes).

In addition, our precast concrete factory was fitted in 2011 with a production line of precast metro lining rings, which are now available in the work to create the tunnel of Bucharest subway Line 5. 


 Our company has several factories that produce all kinds of asphalt used in Romania. Our technological installations are both fixed and transportable, of German production - Benninghoven type.

The company has a technical agreement for the production of hard-cast asphalt named Delta Dur. The recipe of this product is assimilated by German standards in the field and the raw materials used are of the highest quality. All DELTA A.C.M. products are certified. 


 DELTA A.C.M. has a production capacity of polymer modified bitumen. Our polymerized bitumen plant has a yield of 25t / h. All products are certified and comply with European standards.


Modern constructions involve implementing technological solutions that combine concrete structures with metallic ones.

The company has a modern plant of metal constructions in which it executes falseworks,  parts embedded in constructions, independent structures and components for industrial equipment, for concrete and asphalt plants, silos respectively.


DELTA A.C.M. has quarries in Romania, in Bumbe┼čti and Jijila. They produce sand and gravel of several sizes: 0-4, 4-8, 8-16, 16-25, 25-63 and 0-63. The company also owns gravel pits equipped with the latest equipment.

The quarries are equipped with modern facilities that reach a capacity of 150 t / h. The gravel covers both needs of DELTA A.C.M. and of other clients.