DELTA A.C.M. provides design services, technical assistance and consulting services in the fields of civil and industrial engineering, in classic or prefabricated system. Starting with roads, bridges, tunnels to house projects, firms, industrial construction, general urban plans and zoning etc., our projects meet customer demands and peculiarities of the location, due to our collaboation with experienced architects. Our design team consists of certified experts and verifiers for all types of construction and develops projects according to national regulations


 To ensure our success in the constructions market and to contract complex projects, our company has a currently growing fleet of construction equipment of high capacity. This includes excavators, loaders, bulldozers, air compressors, cranes etc., all adapted to the latest technologies.


Our company transports construction materials based on its own transport fleet of over 250 road vehicles, equipped with the latest technology. We speak here of trucks and dumpers of various capacities, trucks to transport cement, iron, hot bitumen, cast asphalt, trucks specialized in spreading bitumen emulsions, automatic mixers for transporting concrete, pumps for implementing the concrete, and vehicles for oversized transport.

for construction materials

 We wish to fulfill customer requirements and at the same time to respect international standards in the field, therefore, we own an analyzes and material testing laboratory. It comes with performant equipment, which ensures optimum technical and environmental execution of physical, mechanical trials, on products used in transport infrastructure. The specialists in the field we work with are constantly testing new products to check the quality of works that DELTA A.C.M. executes, in order to improve the recipes used.